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French Instrument Dorn: Bureau Veritas Contributes to the Chang'e 6 Space Mission

May. 3 2024

The Chang’E6 mission is a lunar sample return mission, here rock fragments. The probe containing the DORN instrument was placed in orbit by the Long March 5 launcher taking off from the Wenchang launch base on Friday May 3, 2024. After nearly a month of transit it will land in the South Pole-Aitken Basin . Review the launch

The DORN instrument, an alpha spectrometer, will be the first French instrument to land on the moon. It will measure for the first time the concentration of radon and polonium on the far side of the moon. These measurements aim to study the origin and dynamics of the lunar atmosphere, the thermal and physical properties of its soil and the mixing of dust on the surface. This will, among other things, allow researchers to unravel the mystery of lunar craters filled with water ice.

Instrument DORN CNES

Photo of Dorn instrument © CNES/Frederic Maligne, 2023 

The expert from the Aeronautics and Space Division of Bureau Veritas supported CNES ( French National Centre for Space Studies) and IRAP (French Research Institute in Astrophysics and Planetary Science) during the assembly and test phases (known as AIT/AIV phases) of the DORN instrument. 
His role consisted of Quality Assurance Integration support for the project to ensure that the operation and performance of the instrument complied with requirements. To do this, he participated in the various implementation processes of AIT/AIV activities. 
He also ensured that the expected level was ensured in terms of coordination, documentation and traceability of activities. He finally participated in delivery activities in China so that the DORN instrument was integrated on the Chang’E6 lunar lander.

" We would like to thank the Aeronautics and Space Division of Bureau Veritas, who worked alongside us on this project. Their role was to ensure that the operation and performance of DORN complied with requirements. The teams played a central role, during the assembly and testing phases (AIT/AIV) until delivery to China" Pierre Bousquet, Project Manger at CNES, pour Aurélie Moussi.