BV aero expert with amelia aircraft


Bureau Veritas supports French Airline Amelia by Regourd Aviation towards the highest level of Safety 

Apr. 30 2024

Amelia by Regourd Aviation is a French aeronautical group based in France. With two EASA AOC, one group CAMO approval, three EASA P145 organizations and 20 operated aircraft they operate scheduled, charter and satinary flights worldwide.

Both IOSA certified, the two AMELIA AOCs are devoted to operate at the highest level of safety  requirements of the latest industry recommendations and standards. According to the regulation  airlines can choose to subcontract some activities. 

Since 2022 Amelia chose Bureau Veritas to support them to  maintain this high safety standard during the airline ramp up phase through the transition inducted by recent operational changes and fleet increase (as they plan to receive 4 additional aircraft in 2024.)   

While Amelia’s team focuses on perfoming safe operation throughout the two AOC’s Bureau Veritas experts perform the following missions

•    Safety Manager position for the french AOC
•    Engineering: performance analysis, documentation update through a dedicated OPS engineering assitance expert in AIRBUS A320 fleet
•    Security, Dangerous Goods, Ground Handling audits

“ As Flight Safety Manager for AMELIA since  April 2023 and I'm very proud to see how far we've come thanks to our responsive and attentive teams. Thanks to my previous experience with airlines, I was able to integrate and understand the company's needs very quickly, manage emergencies and implement short, medium and long-term action plans. I was lucky enough to be welcomed into a dynamic and caring team who put their trust in me. I'm fully integrated and involved in the life of the company, I don't feel like a subcontractor but a real member of Amelia. The fact that I'm a flight safety officer on secondment is highly valuable because I'm not under any pressure from the airline or my employer. This independence allows me to tackle flight safety issues head-on and impartially"  

Jean Baptiste Bigouin, Compliance & Safety Management Expert at Bureau Veritas Aeronautics & Space Division 

By choosing Bureau Veritas the airline made the decision of an efficient and cost effective strategy for this change, reducing HR processes, getting a job-ready expert fast integrated to the existing team, who already has proven experience in change management providing relevant live advice and who is deeply involved and dedicated to the airline.

“ The support of Bureau Veritas in this period of transition and growth is a key factor in offering our customers a safe, high-quality service. Delegating responsibility for flight safety to Bureau Veritas is a guarantee of quality and impartiality in a human-scale structure like ours. The fact that we are fully integrated into our operational teams means that we can emulate each other, and this is appreciated by all our staff. Bureau Veritas' expertise in other areas of our airline’s activity, such as engineering office, security and the transport of dangerous goods, means we can face our future challenges with confidence” 

Guillaume Beurnaux, Deputy Accountable Manager at Amelia 

Thanks to Amelia for the great trust placed in Bureau Veritas' expertise to ensure together an ever safer journey to Amelia’s passengers.